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Rio de Los Angeles State Park Fields Maintenance Improvements Project

The Rio de Los Angeles State Park Fields Maintenance Improvements Project (Project) will include renovation of the three existing fields located at the south end of the Rio de Los Angeles State Park.  The three existing fields will be remade to include one synthetic soccer/american football field, one synthetic soccer field, and one natural turf soccer field. The Project will also construct a new restroom, provide new and renovated walking paths, renovate the existing south end parking lot, renovate the existing picnic area, provide new shade structures, add new landscaping, and install lighting and security cameras.

This Project scope has been determined based on community input and user feedback. The modifications will increase the amount of time fields are in good condition by making two fields synthetic and increasing the hours of play by adding field lights. The project will also provide more areas for teams and the community to spend time in the park, increase shade, and add new walking options for users.

The project is being led by the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering in coordination with the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks and the California Department of Parks and Recreation State Parks. The Project is being funded by $6.2 million in state grants and $3.4 million from the City of Los Angeles.

Please click here for the presentation from the Virtual Community Meeting held on April 13, 2022 to review the Conceptual Design.