Taylor Yard G2 River Park Project Final Draft Implementation Feasibility Report (IFR)

The comment period for the final draft Implementation Feasibility Report has now ended. All comments received will be addressed in the final report. Thank you so much for your participation.

El período de comentarios ha finalizado. Todos los comentarios recibidos se abordarán en el informe final. Muchas gracias por su participación e interés.

What is the IFR?

The IFR, also known as the pre-design report, is the culmination of several years of efforts by Engineering and its partners to study the 42-acre brownfield-designated G2 parcel on the LA River, and decide on next steps for the project. The completion of the IFR is also a major step forward in the continuing implementation of the City’s Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan, which was adopted in 2007.

For nearly three years, Engineering worked closely with the community and partners to conduct intensive study of the contamination levels on the parcel and develop conceptual designs for its future projects. Engineering also led a robust community engagement plan that included design workshops, tours, community events, focus groups, discussions, surveys and canvassing. 

The IFR compiles the site research and analyses and assesses the potential and challenges the site presents. It also details the design concepts, proposed public uses, environmental site characterizations, and the path forward to create meaningful wildlife habitat, the foundation for moving forward with future projects.

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The City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering has completed the Taylor Yard G2 River Park Project Final Draft Implementation Feasibility Report (IFR).

We have created a narrated presentation that outlines the report, including the design options explored, the community input process, and the extensive, scientific site investigations and assessments done to determine the level of contaminants on the site. It also highlights next steps and key findings. Please note that the comment period is CLOSED.


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To read the full Taylor Yard G2 River Park Project Final Draft Implementation Feasibility Report (IFR) FULL REPORT: click HERE.

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Thank you for those who attended the March 18th Community Discussion on the Final Draft Taylor Yard G2 River Park Project Implementation Feasibility Report (IFR). More than 100 community members attended the presentation. The presentation can be seen here: PRESENTATION

To watch the presentation and listen to a recording of the meeting, please click HERE.


Formation of the New 100 Acre Partnership

Feedback from the community strongly indicated a preference for the public agency partners (City, County and State) to work more closely together in the planning and development of open and recreational space at the site.

In response to this, the City, State Parks, and the MRCA signed a letter of intent to form a partnership known as the 100 Acre Partnership. This new organization will guide planning efforts for the G1 parcel (also known as the Bowtie site), the G2 parcel, and Rio de Los Angeles State Park, roughly totaling 100 acres.

For more information, go to https://100acrepartnership.org/

For more information about the G1 parcel, go to: https://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=30530

Paseo del Rio Project

G2 will need to be revitalized in phases. The first project of the 100 Acre Partnership, Paseo del Rio. Planning for the project, including community engagement, will begin in early Summer, when support teams have been hired. 

Paseo del Rio, which is recommended in the IFR, is an early activation project and will consist of a pathway along the bank of the river, which will span both the G1 and G2 parcels. 

Engineering will lead the effort to create the design for the G2 parcel. A complementary project is anticipated to take place on the G1 parcel, owned by State Parks. MRCA is leading the community engagement process for the entire Paseo del Rio project. All parties are in the process of hiring project team members. 

Paseo del Rio will include programming space, kayak launch/landings, and parking. The G2 Paseo del Rio project is expected to launch in early Summer 2021.