Water Quality and Initial Park Improvements Project

The Proposition O Water Quality Improvements Project (Project) will be completed concurrently with the Pase del Rio Project and is part of the first project of the newly constituted 100 Acre Partnership to be completed on Taylor Yard.

The Project will include on-site stormwater management by constructing a bioretention as a best management practice that will divert flow from surrounding storm drains and capture and filter stormwater runoff. This project also includes trails, restoration of native habitat, lighting, and interpretive signage.

The long-term goal of this Project is to provide a habitat-focused open space along the Los Angeles River.


On February 16, 2021, LA Sanitation and Environment approved Proposition O funding in the amount of $16.4M for the Taylor Yard G2 Water Quality project. The Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority (MRCA) is contributing to this project by reimbursing Proposition O $4M in Proposition 1 Grant funding awarded by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy. This grant will include the implementation of additional public access and habitat restoration improvements at the G2 site.